mercredi 30 septembre 2009

Night devotion. Orchha

Turning all around the temple, stopping to apply the hands of the wall, or to lie on the ground before keeping on walking; are the commun ways used by people to pray Rama;
It's the full moon night.

lundi 28 septembre 2009

Incense sticks. Ujjain

Young girls do incense sticks i Ujjain too...I have been drived I this backyard by an old man who was sitting in the street, understanding that I was interested by the daily life .
Here, the recent Claude Renault's photo on the same subject:

narmada river pilgrims. mandu

taking a pause after a long walking day...

mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Like a wayang kulit. Ujjain

Wayang kulit is the javanese puppet theater, using only silhouettes of characters, made in animals skin; They are manipulated behind a sheet, a petrol lamp lighting It.
You can see that here, more easy to understand in an image:

In reality, a woman drying her sari in the evening after a bath in the holy river; Ujjain is not very touristic, but very famous for the temples.