dimanche 17 août 2008

In the dark. Omkareshwar

Inside the old temple; her mother is polyomelitic

mercredi 13 août 2008

Holy cow puja. Varanasi

After putting a coin on the cow back, they perform some rituals with Ganga water and offerings; they were coming from Nepal.

Hair. Omkareshwar

Just before the puja...

mardi 12 août 2008

Worker. Omkareshwar

She was working hard under the sun, carrying sand to the temple. the working day was just over, grace and beauty were not over!

lundi 11 août 2008

The red point. Omkareshwar

Cette petite , mise à l'écart par les autres enfants, s'était trouvé une occupation qui la passionnait: récupérer un peu de cette poudre vendue près du temple pour les rituels, et dont quelques grains tombent par terre lors des manipulations.
Elle était è cepoint solitaire et absorbée dans son activité qu'elle en était touchante, s'appliquant à elle meme ce rouge utilsé pour la tika ou symbole, dans la raie des cheveux, de la femme épanouie dans son role d'épouse...

This girl, not welcomed by the other children, was fascinated by this activity;: getting back a little this powder sold near the temple for the rituals, some of which falling on the ground during the manipulations.
She was so lonesome and absorbed in her activity that sh) was moving , applying to herself this red powder used ordinary for the tika, or symbol, in the ray of women's hair, as a symbol of the happy wife.

Cubist life. Omkareshwar

A Omkareshwar, c'était période d'élections, les murs des maisons servaient de panneaux d'affichage..
Un politicien régional faisait sa tournée...Une opportunité en tout cas pour le photographe.

In Omkareshwar, it was elections period , the house 's walls used as notice boards.... An opportunity at least for the photographer.
The boy does not matter.

samedi 9 août 2008

Smiling girl. Omkareshwar

Daughters of the women who are selling flowers, coconuts for the puja, on the Narmada river ghat.
Each one was more beautiful than the other...